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Terminator cap


Me and my partner have recently moved house and we’ve cancelled our Virgin Broadband subscription. We’ve received the packaging to return our equipment but on the letter it refers to a terminator cap you have to put on your wall socket.

I received the cap with the packaging but the problem is we’ve already moved out and away from our previous home so I dont’t know what to do about this and slightly worried as in the letter it claims attaching the cap is “very important”.

I’d appreciate any advice I can get on the matter.


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Re: Terminator cap

Stop worrying and enjoy your new home. But what a responsible attitude to take. Congratulations and kudos to you. Do the logical thing. Send the cap with a note to the new owners at the old address and ask them to put it on if they are not going to have VM services installed. If they are they don't need to worry.

The idea of the cap is to stop noise entering the system. There is a risk but no one is going to chase you about it.


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Re: Terminator cap

Be specific in your note: when the cable is removed from the internal termination box, fit the cap to prevent a possible area network problem.

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