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Terminating where TV box was?

  • Everyone here probably already  knows I hate 360 like a PASSION and preferred the V6 which had ZERO hate from me.

Unfortunately the 360 is so bad I have decided to remove it from my setup and use alternatives (Freeview so far, Sky soon) and have put the 360 box in storage.

Unfortunately I am in a 18 month contract and cannot cancel it, even after Virgin Media told me to try it and you’ll start to love it.

However since it’s not connected I have had MULTIPLE broadband drops a day, and I have also checked to make sure the connections are tight and they are.

Anyway I can terminate the tv connection without having to reconnect that crap service back up?

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Re: Terminating where TV box was?


I've moved your post to the broadband section, where the regulars here might be able to assist in more detail. Although I can't be 100% sure, I can't imagine the lack of a connected TV box is directly causing these issues, except perhaps if you have the connection uncapped and this is possibly allowing noise ingress.

Can you post your modem stats, and also a link to your live BQM? This will certainly help others diagnose the cause of your broadband issues.

To get your modem stats, go to (or if you're using modem mode) but don't log-in. Go to "router status" and copy & paste the data from each of the tabs.

If you don't have a BQM running , please set one up. Takes all of 5-10minutes and monitors your broadband 24/7, gathering good diagnosis & evidence of your connection stability. If you do have one, please post a link to the live graph on this thread.

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Re: Terminating where TV box was?

How was the box connected?

Wall box / cable --> Splitter --> Co-ax --> Hub
                                             --> Co-ax --> 360


Or something else!

If it is as above -  you'd likely need to remove the splitter and just cable into the back of the hub from the wall-socket.

Or I think you can just terminate it with a 75 ohm terminator cap.

Hub 3 - Modem Mode - TP-Link Archer C7

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Re: Terminating where TV box was?

As lotharmat said, you must not leave an active coax lead unterminated. Take it out completely, or fit a proper terminator. 

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Re: Terminating where TV box was?

Be aware that if you take out the splitter and replace it with a female to female F connector your signal levels will probably change. This is because all splitters put some attenuation on the cable.

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Re: Terminating where TV box was?

Hi JoeBloggs,

Thanks for using the forums to get this issue with your broadband services looked into, I am sorry if this has been causing some frustration. I would be more than happy to look into this for you.

I am also sorry to hear you're not enamoured with the 360 box 😞 although I understand everyone has their preferences! 

I can see you've been given so much helpful information by the VIP's on this thread (thank you guys) has their advice been helpful in getting your connection terminated?

If so, how is your broadband connection now?

I've taken the time to check your services myself and cannot see any major issues that would cause your service to be intermittent. 

But please let me know so I can support you further 🙂


Just for future issues with your services and for any other users that are looking at this thread for help, I have a few links below that might help with general issues - 

  • Our Service Checker is a good tool to use to check if there are any area outages ongoing with Broadband, TV, Landline and Mobile. It usually lets you know what is wrong and how long it's going to take for the engineers to fix (estimated time of course)
  • Your Online Account also has a good tool which helps diagnose a fault within your home network with your Broadband, TV and Landline, it will tell you what's up and what to do next. 
  • We also have a good section for faults on our website here - Help Website - it will give you flows for diagnosing and rectifying faults on a multitude of aspects. A really good link to bookmark!  



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