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Technician wouldn't replace pre-existing cable box

Hi everyone,

So I recently had a broadband only installation that didn't go as I hoped. Mostly due to a fault of mine.

I moved in to a rented property recently that was previously connected to BT internet and there was a plug inside done by BT.

I wanted to go Virgin Media because of better speeds and arranged for an installation (hoping that the by box could be replaced and a new cable could be lead from outside through previously drilled hole.

Virgin had massive delays and I waited 8 weeks for the installation and when the technician finally showed up he said it wasn't possible replace the box and lead a new cable through it? And said he would drill a new hole elsewhere.

Me being uninformed told him to go ahead without having landlords permission which could get me into trouble but I didn't wan to wait any longer.

Anyway from the outside both of the cables come from the same place and I just don't understand why the technician wouldn't just replace the BT one? He didn't give me any answers other than "not possible"

Was he just not bothered?

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Re: Technician wouldn't replace pre-existing cable box


That is right Virginmedia cannot touch any equipment that isn't supplied by Virginmedia, even the cables.

Regards Mike


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Re: Technician wouldn't replace pre-existing cable box

the BT box and cable belong to BT. its not the property of you, the landlord, or Virgin media.
Virgin media can not remove or modify any BT cable.
BT can not touch or remove any Virgin cable.

What he told you was right