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Switching to Virgin from talk talk

Joining in

I have tried to cancel my talk talk contract, but they say that virgin media will cancel this contract when they take over my broadband line. Is this the case? I do not want to end up paying for two internet providers at the same time! Talk talk said if I cancel it myself I will have to give 30 days notice. But if I let virgin cancel it then it will be instant, so no further payments required. Please can anyone confirm if I need to do anything? Does Virgin cancel the contract with your previous provider? TIA



First do not cancel Talk Talk until VM has been installed and up and running for a month.
Cancelling TalkTalk based on the assumption that VM will install on time will result in ending up with no internet connection for an open ended period.   I do not care what date VM may have given, be fully aware that any snag with a VM install can take weeks to forever to resolve.

If you have a phone that is being ported from TT to VM that phone must remain active until the number is ported, this would occur in the weeks after the VM service goes live.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Jddibs 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community and indeed Virgin Media.

We do not cancel other suppliers accounts so I am not sure why they've told you this.

Are you bringing your phone number over to us from them? This may cancel any other services but not guaranteed, so I would advise to cancel yourself with that provider.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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