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Switching on in my area email

Joining in


I was wondering if anyone here could possibly give me some information.

I was checking the broadband checker via the Virgin Media postcode checker, I received 2 emails recently, one on the 28th of October stating that "In a few weeks' time you'll be to get your hands on lightning-fast broadband and amazing TV.", then another on the 13th of November stating that "In a few days' time we'll be switching Virgin Media on in your area!".

However when I checked the post code checker today it now directs me to the "Keep me posted" screen and asks me to sign up to register my interest, previously it would give me a "Coming Soon" message, is anyone able to check to see what the current status is?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello liamfi94.

Thanks for your post.

We do have a few contacts with in Virgin Media that we use for instances like yours.

With this being a community open to the public.

I will need to send you  a private message to take some details from you.

Once I have them I can take a look into when the service is to be available.

If you can check the Logo top right of your screen that would be great.