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Superhub constantly reboots


In recent weeks I've been getting increasingly frequent Internet outages which look to be due to my Virgin Superhub3 rebooting itself, for no obvious reason.  I can see this is the cause, because when connectivity returns (after around 2-3mins), checking the Superhub admin portal always shows "uptime" of about 2 minutes.

I've checked all the connectors are firmly seated, and tried a different mains lead and different wall socket - none of this has helped. I don't see anything obviously related in the modem's network log, apart from the "LAN login Success" event from me logging in to check.

As it happens I have an unused identical Superhub 3 here, which was sent in error a couple of years ago in relation to a previous fault.  Would it be possible to try putting this other Superhub into service ?  Presumably it would need registered on the network or something ?

I attach pics of:

(1) Connection monitoring graph from my "firebrick" (similar to graphs).  Here, the red/purple "stalactites" show the frequent outage periods, which last 2-3 mins.

(2) Screenshot of Superhub3 Admin/Info page showing the uptime has reset right after one of the outages.

MANY thanks!


Screenshot 2020-09-04 at 17.17.05.png


Screenshot 2020-09-04 at 17.11.27.png



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