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Struggling customers


I was wondering if anyone else is having the same struggles as myself. I moved house last Saturday and as an existing customer I was assured that when I take my equipment to my new house and plug it in it would be as simple as plugging it in and activating the line. On Wednesday last week I rang virgin and they assured me the line would be done for Saturday as it takes 24 hours to deactivate and reactivate and he would do this on Friday. He then said they would ring then me back as they said they were having technical difficulties.  It got to Friday and I had heard nothing so I called them. The person I spoke to said that the original person had not actually processed the activation and that she would do it now for Monday morning.  

Monday morning came and went and I was still not online. I spent almost 9 hours on hold and being passed from department to department during the day on Monday to be told eventually that it would be done by “1pm in the morning” on Tuesday. Unsure what this meant I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Woke up in the morning it was still not back up and running. Thought then that I would ring and see whether it was 1pm in the afternoon instead. I was on hold for another 4 hours. Being passed from department to department. People kept saying they couldn’t do it but they knew who could. 

I have been put on hold, hung up on and fobbed off to be honest. I have dealt with one particular worker who was rude on the phone and who said “oh my god” when I got frustrated with her as I had already been on the phone for 6 hours listening to the call music over and over again. 

I have now missed two days of work due to this and it is not looking hopeful it will be back for tomorrow as I just tried to ring again, was on hold for almost an hour and then it rang three times and then I was hung up on again. 

I am frankly disgusted with the customer service I have received and quite upset at the fact I have had no resolve and empty promises from the team at virgin. 

My wifi router is set up correctly I followed the manual and checked multiple times. The wifi appears on my phone but then says “weak security” and never loads anything. I have no television as that has stopped working too. It will be a week tomorrow since I started this whole fiasco of ringing virgin. I have been told by many people that they are having technical issues or they weren’t authorised. I was refused by workers when I asked multiple times to speak to a manager, as well as one lady refusing to tell me her name when I said I would like to complain about her customer service. 

Please can someone help! It is a difficult time of year with it being Christmas and the pandemic and I would be really grateful if anyone could offer some light on the situation. 

Thank you

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Re: Struggling customers

Hi SLM2096,

sorry to see you are having major issues since moving.

Do you have an iphone by any chance? If you are seeing a weak security message on your phone then it's possible that the internet is working - see this link about weak security /iOS-14-Weak-Security 

Normally you can call the activation line on 0800 953 9500 with  the box serial number, and your account number and area code to activate/reactivate equipment . However when moving home you should have been issued with a new account number.

It's possible that the equipment is still activated at your old address and not the new one.

You could try contacting  New accounts and Set Up for them to complete the setup and activation. That would be options 1,1,1 and 4 if dialling 150 from a Virgin landline , or options 1,1,2 and 4  if dialling  freephone number 0800 052 0422 or  0345 4541111 from any other phone

A member of the Forum Team may pick this up for you, however it can take from a few days to a week.


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