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Street was cabled last year but postcode checker returns no result

Hi all,

Our street was cabled as part of 'Project Lightning', but I'm having some issues accessing the service. When I try and check my address on the postcode checker I can select my address from the list but then I get a blank page with no result no matter what device, browser or connection I try and access it from. Other addresses I've tried show up fine, it's just mine and a few others on the street. I contacted customer services on the online chat thingy but was told that there didn't seem to be a cable near me and so I couldn't get any services.

However, the cable which was installed last year runs right past my front door, with a cabinet about three houses up. In addition, the house directly opposite me shows up on the postcode checker as being able to get all services, while their neighbour (who is closer to the cabinet) shows up the same as mine, with no results on the postcode checker (again, not a negative result, just no result at all). I've seen on these forums a few similar topics but all involved flats and their associated issues, whereas I'm in a detached house on a street of similar detached houses, all of which has been cabled, and only some of which seems to be having trouble with the postcode checker. I've attached a really badly edited picture to try and show what I mean, hopefully it's of some use.

With all that in mind, I think it sounds more like a fault with the postcode checker than us actually not being able to access the services. We were certainly supposed to get them as we had letters announcing we were getting cabled. What would be the best way to get confirmation on this, or even better, someone technical to come out and take a look?

Would it be best to wait for a staff member to reply to this? I know it takes a while to get round to, but from what I've seen they're good at resolving these things so I'm happy to wait.



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Re: Street was cabled last year but postcode checker returns no result

You look serviceable to me. Everything is in place. There is a TOBY box installed on your boundary (which is a shared access point with your neighbour) which I have marked on the photo.

Hopefully the forum team here will respond in a few days & can follow up for you.


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