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Street cable damaged - new connection

Tuning in

Hi Virgin media and community 

I ordered a new Fibre broadband package on 24th July 2022. As of today this is still not installed (23/09/2022). 3 months later.
Since then :
I have had to contact Vm several times, taken time off work for installation that has not happened and had a (3rd) rearranged install date - changed. This is 12 weeks from order, which is not good enough and I wouldn’t have ordered this if it was going to take this long. 

The issue is apparently repair of a damaged cable on my street, which they clearly must subcontract out to other companies - and every time it’s booked it gets cancelled or they can’t
be bothered to do it. No call in advance to tell me, I have to chase this myself.
Does anyone have similar experience or have any tips on how to get this resolved? It doesn’t help speaking to the customer service team as I get no real answers as they are only reading from the account notes. I would appreciate customer service team getting in contact with me asap as it’s urgent and now affecting my business not being able to work from home. 

I seriously wouldn’t recommend Virgin Media to anyone considering this - it is incredibly frustrating and poor from such an established company. I am considering cancelling and going with plus net - slower internet but great service and guaranteed install.

Tuning in

I am almost in the exact same position. Signed up on 31/07/22 and since that date have had 3 postponed installations due to a “blockage” in the duct outside of my property. 

Maintenance came to dig up the roads on 01/09/22 but upon inspection we’re able to clear the blockage by hand! They then roped the cables from the exchange to the duct outside of my property. 

In spite of the “blockage” being cleared, only this week VM cancelled my appointment due to there being a blockage outside of my property!

This process has happened three times already!


It is so frustrating isn’t it!

The pre install team when you finally get through on the phone are next to useless also, as they don’t know anything about it.

It baffles me why VM can’t sort this out. 

Can any moderators from VM advise please and contact us directly to escalate and resolve this?

Alessandro Volta

if you have an original install date then you are due compensation of a fiver a day up to the date they install - you may have to fight for it but its there so stay with it

dont cancel the install even if you go with someone else - take the compensation and cancel in the 14 day cooling off period

has anyone else had this you ask - search and find threads that have been going on for over a year and they are still not installed - my experience was over 3 months with a cut cable - i learnt quickly that trying to get any info from the shambles that is VM customer service is a complete waste of time

so look at you options - but again dont cancel the install 


plusnet as you say

a data sim - £20 ish a month

3 with their router - i went with that and get 300 to 500 down for £20 a month or £25 if you just want a monthly contract

loads more options just look rounr


Sacked VIP


just thought I’d give you some advice. After my last post here and being so damn frustrated I decided to email the CEO and all of his top executives on Friday 23rd at 10AM…I cc’d in the whole top team! 

Within 30 mins I received a phone call (at work) and so message left via voicemail. I connected with VM after work and they said they would pull out all the stops. Saturday 24th morning around 9:00AM four engineers turned up to clear the blockage and do the pre-pull. Laid the cables all the way through my garden and buried the cable in my drive. An hour after that I get a call from an installer and by 3PM I had working broadband…installed even gave me the latest version of the router, even though my package requires the previous version.

So finally, after two months of waiting I have the internet and phone! Without contacting the CEO and his top team none of this would’ve happened.

Naturally, we shouldn’t have to take such drastic and time consuming steps!

Wow JoAddy, that is great! Happy you got this sorted. 

Could you tell me how you managed to get their details?? Perhaps you could send a follow up email to them with my case / a link to this thread?! 🙂 

I appreciate you probably can’t share details on here but perhaps point me in the right direction to do the same thing?

thanks - and thanks to the other poster who recommended using three in the interim - I’ve bought a temporary 3 router for now (but also hasn’t arrived). 

Good evening,

The CEO and his team can be found here

I basically emailed every single person. The format is[REMOVED]

I was on my way out for breakfast on Saturday morning and the technicians turned up unannounced (my appointment was scheduled for that day but had been cancelled).

I’m sure the executive team will be in contact tomorrow to confirm all is OK and I’ll mentioned your thread to them. 

Good luck. Hope you manage to get it sorted 🤞🏾

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @alexr1 thanks for your post, although I'm very sorry to hear of your concerns raised.

Please allow me to send you a PM so I can look into this further for you and raise a complaint for you, which I can assign to the Pre-Installs team.

Kindly expect this to arrive shortly and respond directly when you can!

Many thanks