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Street Access Point Location

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Hi All

We have just put a single story extension on the side of our house, which includes a study at the front and then with Cat 5 cabling running throughout the extension mainly so TV’s and my office are cabled rather than wireless. Idea was then to get cable (currently with EE fibre to cabinet) directly into study and network from there.

Had a couple of different workmen come during May to do preliminary works in the street and there appeared no issues with going down left hand side of the property through a hedge to front of study. I spoke with men doing works and all seemed fine.

Then when we were away last week guys turned up to install cabling from the street and have installed it on the right hand side of the property basically so it is on wall where the downstairs toilet is. Completely on the wrong side of the house.

While I appreciate that a cable can be run across the front of the house to get to the otherside, both me and my wife aren’t too happy about that. So I delayed final installation and asked for a second survey.

Second survey was on Monday and I explained need for cable to come out of the ground on the left rather than right and the chap seemed to understand and said he would go away and see what could be done.

Works team then turned up today and explained that as next door already have Virgin and street access point has to be shared we have to have cable run down the right hand side.

My question is, is it possible to get Virgin to agree to put in a new street access point or will they insist we share with next door? Ideally I would like the pavement dug up and the cable pull through there rather than dig my garden and drive up, which i don’t think my wife will ever agree to.


Alessandro Volta

It will doubtless be down to a matter of cost. If VM has a duct on the neighbour's side they will want to use that without going to the expense of any further streetworks.

Past topics on here have described VM cancelling installations when the cost of installing at a particular address exceeds the allocated budget (often without telling the customer). VM will want to install in cheapest/quickest way possible for VM.

If you have already had two surveys to look at the job, you may not get any further with your request.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

HI Zetec-S. 

Welcome to the Community and thank you for posting. 

We are very sorry to hear the team have not been able to install the cabling on the preferred side of the property. 

If an access point is already in place, we would not usually install a second/new one unless the current set up is damaged or no longer useable.

Have the team advised that they will be able to return and complete the work to install the cable around the front of the property?