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Still awaiting broadband

Tuning in

I have been waiting since February for installation. VMO2 keep postponing installation date saying they need a council permit. The council have not received any application. VMO2 never reply to calls. Someone is not giving me the accurate picture. Customer service is hopeless 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Angrychelsea, thank you for your post.

We're really sorry to hear about the poor experience you've had and that you feel this way 😔

What's the latest information you've been provided in terms of when the installation will be carried out? 

Also, have you spoken specifically to the pre-installation team? The best number to contact them on is 0800 052 1734.

Please pop back to us at your earliest convenience. 


Alessandro Volta

Cast your eyes over the many similar topics on this forum and you will see it is a common problem.

I posted this reply yesterday, to a similar query, which summarises the issues

Fibre optic

Make sure you keep a track of the dates to claim your compensation, CISAS will appreciate a nice table with the dates and the event (delay or missed appointment) and it makes it very easy to claim. If you have emails from the council saying that no permit has been applied for in your street then you will need to keep hold of those as VM will often claim that it takes councils six weeks to issue permits, when in fact it's rarely over 48 hours.

thanks Daniel. I am no further forward two weeks on. I know that Virgin subcontract external works to Kelly communications. I also note that permission needs to be sought from the local council. I am in touch with all parties. No permission has been sought. Kelly does not have a date, and Virgin refuses to take any responsibility. I spend about an hour a day getting angry with your call centres in Asia. No one puts me through the pre-installation team. No one is helping me I’ve been waiting since the 1st of March. I think it is August next week according to my calendar. There is simply some cables need to be pulled through in the street I live in and I can be installed why it is taking forever. I simply do not know all I want is for someone to take responsibility.

Thank you for that information Angrychelsea. I have taken a look on our side and it looks as though you have been able to speak with the team in regards to this matter today. 

If you do need any further assistance after that, please do reach out to us and we will be happy to look into this.