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Someone from VM Called, how can i call them back?

Tuning in


Like many people i am having awful problems getting VM to install my service. Currently waiting for visit 4 on 4th July with them claiming blockage on the first 3 visits over a couple of months.

Someone called me the other night from the VM number and i would like to return the call but its the 0345 454 1111 and i have totally no idea how to speak to anyone there.

I am guessing that they have found an issue and as i doubt they were phoning for a chat. No message was left.

Is there a number i can call which actually end up with a person, I am guessing that they can look on their system and see who called and why. I just need to know how to speak to a living breathing person.


Alessandro Volta

You can't. Virginmedia has a firm policy not to allow callers in to individual staff. You have to use their standard published contacts. 

Is there a way to navigate the menu system on the main phone number to get through to a person?

Alessandro Volta


I guess i will wait until 24hrs before the 4th July 2022 to get the call saying installation is cancelled 🙂

Hi @Leevis,

A warm welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post!

It is great to have you on board with us 🙂

I do apologise for the issues you've had getting your services installed. Appreciate it isn't a great start!

I've taken a peek at our systems and can not see any notes reference the call in question however there's' currently no changes to the work order. The install is still set to go ahead ahead on the date advised. If anything does change, you will of course be notified beforehand.

Thank you for your patience.

Forum Team

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