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Sky WiFi Boosters and Virgin Media

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Hi all, thinking about switching from Sky to Virgin. Currently I have two Sky WiFi Boosters which I hook up to my PS4/5 via Ethernet and use them as wired connections when gaming. I was wondering whether that would still be possible if I switched my Broadband to Virgin Media? i.e. is it possible to connect the Sky Boosters to a Virgin router and continue using them as wired connections?


Alessandro Volta

You may be lucky and have someone who has tried this let you know, but it wouldn't work in the opposite direction with Virginmedia boosters on a Sky connection for two reasons. 

VM boosters are locked to the VM router and won't otherwise work. 

VM boosters belong to VM and must be returned to them at the end of the contract. 

Sky may be able to advise you if these factors apply to them as well. 

- jpeg1
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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey aesop0,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.
We would love to have you as a customer of ours, we couldn't advise, if the Sky boosters work with Virgin Media as they aren't our equipment as jpeg1 says our WiFi pods are locked to Virgin connections, so I think Sky would be the same but we cannot say for definite but also as stated by Jpeg, Sky may need you to return the boosters to them at the end of your contract with them. If you come over to Virgin Media on certain packages such as any of our Volt packages or Gig 1 connections, you will be eligible for up to 3 WiFi pods free of charge, should you need them.

Kind Regards,


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @aesop0 

I don't know if it's still the same, but around 3 years ago I was able to use one of the Sky wifi boosters with my hub 3 without any issues. I'm afraid I can't check now as I have since given the sky wifi booster to a friend that was having problems with their sky connection.

When I set it up I recall pressing the reset button on the back of the booster with a paperclip, and after that pressing the WPS button on the booster and then pressing the WPS button on my hub 3.

It was the old booster which looked like the one in the picture below.


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