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Signed up to trial VM, but the boundary staff have no clue about PIA

Up to speed

So.. signed up for the VM trial yesterday, and our area is pretty much all PIA, but when I got the text to send boundary information over the person was adamant that someone would have to come and pre-inspect it, and then someone would have to come and dig up my driveway, I told them that is fine, Ill even lift up the slabs myself, but why would they do this if they are using Open Reach's pole??

Have an install date booked for 28th.. now come to think of it, is it the installers that do this? since it's just coming from the pole? or does it need virgin engineering to come? since nothing would require to be dug up, just for them to pull the cable along the existing Open Reach cable and drill a hole in the wall I assume?

Has anyone else had PIA experience?


thanks in advance.

Connection: Virgin FTTP Gig2 (XGSPON)


Given this is a trial, the call handler may not know a telegraph pole is involved and a aerial fibre connection will be used.

AV Online installed it today, think if anyone would know it would be virgin though? rather then me having to run around trying to find out what is happening, they should know on the system that an external company will install it. 


proper fttp too 😉






Connection: Virgin FTTP Gig2 (XGSPON)

That is perhaps the point. 

An external company are tasked to make the connection, the order is placed and the firm expected to do whatever is needed to establish our connection.

The wall box looks just like our Omni box, does it have an ONT in it or have they taken a different approach.

Inside our OMNI box is like this ...


This very unofficial looking video might help explain what is going on

On our wavelength

I’m currently on the FTTP trial. They don’t dig anything on the premises, it’s a fibre pulled from OR pole to the building (same way as your standard phone cable), it goes into small box on the wall with another cable going from the box into the house, all fibre of course, with fibre plugged into the hub.

Don’t get too excited about FTTP trial tho. It’s absolute shambles. 
Long story short, once something 

On our wavelength

Long story short, once something goes wrong, VM has no clue what is it or how to fix it. 
They’re trying to get mine back online since February 🤣

It was just the setup from the pole to the house, 28th is the install, but that's the thing I didn't have a clue who was doing it, all I got was a text to go talk to someone at who hadn't a clue about the situation, it should have said workers would randomly appear at over the next few days.

So do you have full proper fttp? why is it coax from the box to the house??

How do you have your cable? I'm tempted to move mine, I wanted it above the porch and feed down into the porch loft section, then into the house under the stairs where the networking will be.

or I go under the floorboards, there's a vent right next to it, would they go this route you think?



Connection: Virgin FTTP Gig2 (XGSPON)

On our wavelength

I have no coax cable, it’s all fibre right to the hub. Your next step will be a technician fitting socket inside your house and pulling the cable from that outside box into it. 
He asked me where I want mine so I guess, within some reason, he should be to fit it where you want it. Outside cable itself is tiny and barely visible. I can’t complain about installation process. 

What does the in side of your external box look like? how is it connected on the inside?

I assumed it would be like this from a Google search


Connection: Virgin FTTP Gig2 (XGSPON)