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Should I cancel now?

Joining in

Well after what took weeks of phone calls to get a deal and finally getting an install date, yesterday my services were installed, or my equipment at least.

I was told at the end of the installation that the cables they pulled into my house a few weeks back were actually damaged and it doesn't work. I was told they will be round this morning to replace them and everything will be on once complete.

I have since had a phone call from the engineer asking if Avon have been in contact (they haven't) and they have told him that the ducts are also blocked in the street so they need to dig the road up to clean. He said this requires permits etc. and can take around 2 weeks. Insane considering my services went live yesterday but I have no access.

It may seem a minor issue, but I must say I was rather hesitant to join Virgin in the first place due to the poor reviews I have read about their customer service.

So my question is, should I expect this to be the norm with Virgin and cancel now whilst I still can?

(For anyone who thinks moving elsewhere will take just as long, I still have a BT connection to the house which is perfect).


Alessandro Volta

If you still have a working BT connection, keep that going until such time as VM gets its act together to install for you.

As for when that happens ... it could be weeks or months or tomorrow but no one at VM will give you any information that you can truly rely on becoming reality.

In the meantime you will be eligible for compensation from the installation date of your equipment.

Keep detailed records as you go along in a timeline which records all of VM's antics and bungling attempts to install. This will help ensure you get the correct compensation once you are connected.

Thanks for the reply, and the link to the compensation.

Just rang them and you called it.... "it says it could be 2 weeks on the account but they haven't actually stated a specific date". 

I enquired about the compensation and he said I would be compensated the money I am currently being charged until it is installed, which to me isn't compensation, it's just returning the money I have paid for a service I haven't received, which isn't exactly groundbreaking customer service.

Not a great start to this relationship, keeping BT and getting Sky TV is certainly looking more appealing.

If you had a totally new installation from scratch, VM should not be charging you anything as your service has not been activated for you to use it.

You would still qualify for the delayed installation compensation at £5.83 per day until VM activates your services.

If VM is claiming that your services are activated, but you now have a fault, you pay the monthly subscription but the compensation for a fault is at the higher rate of £9.33 per day after two working days. One option might work out better for you than the other depending on what your monthly subscription is.

Repeating the advice already given, keep detailed records of all comm's with VM (dates, times etc.) as your description so far incorporates all the best (=worst) elements of a classic bungled VM installation as described in topics on here.

One of the VM forum team will reply here within a few days and should be able to look into it for you. 

Hi @karlarmstrong1,

Thank you for your posts and welcome to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm so sorry to hear that there seem to be some complications surrounding your recent installation. I assure you that we'll do all that we can to get you up and running ASAP and we wouldn't expect you to pay for services that you're unable to receive as a result of this.

To clarify, was it from today that  the team say that they don't expect to have this resolved for the next two weeks? Did they offer any further information on what the problem is or a specific date when work is expected to go ahead?


Zach - Forum Team
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