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Sharing cable with neighbour

Joining in

Hi Everyone,

I recently had  VM BB installed at my property about a month ago and at the time was advised by the engineer that the cable under the ground was damaged and arranged for some engineers to come and take a look go the following day. The engineers turned up (2 vans)  Whilst the engineers were looking into it o advised them that I had to leave as was going for the weekend and they said they would call me once it was fixed. I didn't receive a phone call at all and when I returned on the Monday I noticed that a cable was going from my virgin box outside and going my next door neighbors. the Bab service works fine but I understand this is a "temporary thing" but I would like to know if/when the engineers will come back to complete the job as my neighbour doesn't want a cable going across their property for much longer. 







Alessandro Volta

If this is anything like some previous reported cases it won't be changed until you and/or your neighbour complain and insist on it being put right. 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey lewis50, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear the work has not been completed yet. 

I have a taken a look at side and I can see something.

I am going to send you a PM, so we can through this.

Please look out for the purple envelope. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

This issue still hasn't been resolved 🙃

Have had engineers turn up and tell me that they cant do the job as they need to get a "specialist department" out to do the job. 

Then the "specialist department" turn up and say they need to come back at a later date as it is too big of a job 

Fair to say my virgin experience has been absolute rubbish and cant wait to leave after my contract expires, Only 16 months to go.........



I'm so sorry to hear this is not yet resolved @lewis50


I can see that you were chatting with an agent via a PM, are you able to pop back to them so they can continue to look into this with you?


Thank you