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Self install confusion

Hi all,

Notified virgin media of a move and was told can do a self install as the new house has virgin already 

I was told it would be 24 hours to switch over and to ring a number to activate. Moved in yesterday and rung the number, bloke seemed confused. Said it was still showing as active at the old house and that it would switch over at midnight and be working today. I was already told it'd be 24 hours so I was fine with that. 

What's confusing is when I was done talking to him I got a text from Yodel telling me virgin would be delivering. I thought self install had no parts to be delivered? I just plug it in and go i was told?

The only thing I can think Is this house has a telewest box on the wall and the old house had virgin box, do I need another part? Is someone able to check my account and see what's happening? 

My account number is [MOD EDIT: REMOVED]


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Re: Self install confusion

It's probably a new hub,

If you have brought the hub from your old house and activated it, it should work fine. You could then send back the new hub via their returns system.

Or you could wait until the new hub arrives and activate that, returning the old hub. 


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