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Scheduled Maintaincence

Dialled in

I know there was scheduled maintainence in my area today. So I accept that my connection might be unstable during the day, but its now 9:25pm and my connection STILL keeps dropping dead.

It starts with a gradually increasing latency, until, it drops dead.

I suspect that you have resegmented me onto an oversubscribed CMTS, to free up the good CMTS's for "New" customers. If so, that would be totally unacceptable. I should not have to tolerate degraded service, just so you can give good service to new customers.

So, this is a question, how long will I have to tolerate this degraded service?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Milambar,

Thanks for posting on our community forums. Sorry for any disruption and inconvenience the scheduled maintained on Tuesday.

Can we ask how things have been since Tuesday? I have performed a quick health check from my end, and all looks fine from here.

Please come back to us if you experience any further issues.

Kind regards Jodi.