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Road is serviceable but house showing as not serviceable


I have Virgin broadband and I am hoping to move to a house that the Virgin postcode checker says is not serviceable, but the whole rest of the road has fast fibre cable. The Virgin cable ends at a house a few feet away from the house I want to buy, so it should be possible for the construction & install teams to easily run the cable up to the house but I cannot even start the move process or get a survey because the property shows as not serviceable in the database.

I really need to have Virgin cable if I'm to live there as I work in IT and from home, and the BT line is 16MB max for the whole area.

How can I get the house marked as serviceable, or get a survey so they can add it?

I've already registered my interest on the cable-my-street form but I've been told it could be 2 months or 2 years before I get service via that!

I have also so far spoken to people in the following teams, none of which have been able to help:

Movers > Engineering > Construction > Pre-Installation > Movers again > Customer Care (just cut off from this one!)

Would appreciate any help!


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