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Returning to Virgin Media - May not last 14 days

Joining in

Hi, I was planning on switching back to VM for great internet and reliable equipment.

1-Monday: Self install kit delivered and set up by end of day. Fairly straight forward as equipment similar to what I had with VM 2 years earlier. Broadband speed was as expected and no issues with TV. No dialling tone with landline (Gigaset C300 base unit that worked fine with the Sky router).

2-Tuesday: Couldn't verify my email address to log into Virgin Connect App – VM were updating their systems, so emailed link had expired by the time it was delivered – haven't bothered with App yet.

Phoned helpline to report issue with lack of dialling tone. After a fair bit of checking, I got the hey presto news - “Reboot the Hub 4 in 1hr and that will sort it”

Rebooted the hub and no change with the phone. After the reboot (and a few red lights) the internet service went downhill getting slower and unusable. Download speed was 70mbps and dropping and upload was 0.01mbps (zero?) I was watching Sky TV, so don't know about VM TV.

3-Wednesday: As there was plenty of rain on Tuesday, I checked the outside VM junction. There was a gap which may have let rain in. I closed that gap, but the cover is not fully sealed. (I thought it might be a good idea for a VM engineer to correct this properly).

The broadband service from the hub had not improved significantly.

It was time to power everything off, check all the connections and start it up again.

Good News - the broadband service returned to normal for both download and upload speeds.

Bad News – the TV was now suffering what appeared to be random sound dropouts.

Phoned the helpline to update them on the lack of dialling tone, report the TV fault, summarise the broadband issues during yesterday evening and obviously tell them about the outside junction box. Whilst talking on the phone the TV fault gets considerably worse and becomes a screen “flash” every 5 to 10 seconds. The TV fault is now the primary fault. Advice is to reboot both Hub 4 and the 360 TV Box – they will then monitor the performance for 48 hrs. No mention of an engineer visit to sort out the junction box.

Handed over to somebody to follow-up on the phone issue. After a fair bit of checking, the comment is that that my phone is not suitable – it's REN value is too low (below 1.1). The advice was to buy a new phone. Cost of replacing my 3 x Gigaset phones will be more than £100, so not too happy especially as the phones worked fine with VM 2 years ago.

In another recent post David_Bn from the VM Forum Team reported that this issue may be fixed by an engineer visit.

So I rebooted the Hub 4 and the TV Box. A few more red lights during long boot-up of the Hub 4. Broadband download speed is 276mbps and upload ONLY 0.83mbps. Slow upload causes lots of problems and renders it useless.

TV screen is now flashing so much that it is unwatchable and will not be used, so not sure what the 48 monitoring will result in.

4-Thursday: Tomorrow – I will be phoning VM helpline again – surely this need an engineer visit to investigate. Probably end up phoning Sky too.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Bill_G

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear of that experience. I've tried to run tests on your equipment, it's not allowing me to do so - is the router and TV box switched off? If so, pop them on for me so we can do so 🙂 if not, are any lights showing on the router/TV box?

Best wishes,

Forum Team

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John_GS, Everything is turned on. Hub 4 has white LED. TV box is in standby with Red LED.

I’ve attempted system testing via VM website - often not available and has only once shown problems.

Everything is turned on. Hub 4 has white LED. TV box is in standby with Red LED.

I’ve attempted system testing via VM website - often not available and has only once shown problems.

Hi Bill_G, thanks for the message and sorry to hear that you are having issues with the service. 

I have looked into this and can see that you have an engineer booked, can you let us know how this goes?

Kind regards, Chris