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Returning hub 4

Tuning in

Hi, I've recently requested the hub 5 and I was very clear when I asked how to return the hub 4. The lady on the phone said that I would not need to return the hub 4, I could keep it and return both routers if I decided to cancel VM. For my surprise, in the package of the hub 5, was another package to return the hub 4. VM have sent me text msg and email to return the kit to not face extra charges. Are you guys work for the same company, or communicate between you guys? If you want me to return the hub 4 please book an engineer to come collect it as I threw the cardboard package away, or send me a return kit. Thank you 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi silvab01 

You can request returns packaging using the following linked page. 

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"Are you guys work for the same company, or communicate between you guys?" 

They don't work for the same company. Even the vanishingly few call centre staff still based in the UK are now employed by an outsourcing outfit called Sitel. 

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