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Returning Hub 4 after upgrade to Hub 5

Tuning in

What do I do with the old Hub4? Return letter/sticker just asks me to return WiFi Pods which I don't have.


Accepted Solutions

Hi @RavenLunatic

Thanks for joining me on PM and providing me the details.

I have emailed the Equipment Returns team so they are aware of this and to remove it from the system; thanks for making us aware.

If you do need further assistance, please pop back.

Best wishes,

Forum Team

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Joining in

Also curious about this, as the initial email said "Your existing Hub must be returned as per the instructions included with your new Hub 5" but the only relevant thing is a flyer with "please recycle your old kit".

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi RavenLunatic,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry for any issue in returning your hub 4. 

Do you know if the team arranged for the hub to be collected by one of our engineers?


I have not had any communication with VM. What accessories do I need to return with the Hub? I cannot remember if it came with an ethernet cable. Would I be charged if I didn't include one?
It would be preferable if someone could collect I live some distance from a drop off point.


We recently sent you a new piece of equipment to replace the equipment you currently had and now you have this connected to our network we need you to return the old equipment back to us.

Please follow the simple instructions we’ve provided in the pack that we delivered with the new equipment. We use Collect+ services for returning equipment, and you can find your nearest drop off point at

What needs to be returned?

The description and serial number of the equipment are shown below:

Item Type

Item Description

Serial Number

Broadband Router

Arris Hub 4



Is there any chance I could get VM to pick the Hub 4 from my house?

Never mind. I have found another drop-off point that's convenient.

I am assuming I don't need to return an ethernet cable since the Hub 5 didn't come with one.

Thank you for the update @RavenLunatic.

If the Hub 5 did not come with the cable, it should be fine to keep this cable. You can find all you need to know about equipment returns here


Forum Team

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Hello RavenLunatic.

Thanks for your post. Hope the new Hub5 is okay.

All we need back is the Hub4 and any cables that you don't need. 

As long as the Hub returns that's perfectly okay.


I handed the Hub 4 to the pickup shop on the 6th and it appears to have been lost by Yodel as its been at the national hub for 4 days with Estimated delivery date unavailable at this time.

I have been getting e-mails from Virgin reminding me to return the Hub on a weekly basis. What more can I do?

I used the return label provided with the Hub 5.

My Parcel's Journey
• 11/11/22 10:16 Your parcel is at our national hub
• 10/11/22 16:26 Your parcel is at our national hub
• 08/11/22 10:30 Your parcel is in transit
• 07/11/22 15:08 We have collected your parcel
• 07/11/22 13:59 We are coming to collect your parcel
• 07/11/22 00:00 We're expecting your parcel from your sender. We will provide updates here once we receive it.
• 06/11/22 13:27 We've received your collection request
• 06/11/22 13:23 Your parcel has arrived at the local delivery depot (Collect Plus Store)

Have you kept the receipt the shop gave you when you handed them the hub 4 box?

If you have then that's proof of postage. If a delivery company loses it it's not your problem.

Pretty sure forum team will confirm.


ps i handed my hub 4 back recently...30/10/22 kept the receipt but have heard zilch from Virgin or Yodel.