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Return equipment

Joining in

I was offered a new hub which I have installed.  There was no collect + details in the box.  Your booklet said that it needed recycling.  I have now been sent an email telling me to return the equipment.  Luckily I still have it.  Please send labels for me to return it.    


Community elder

How to swap equipment

If our engineer’s installing your new services: they can take away the old TV box, Hub and other equipment for you.

If you’re upgrading or swapping faulty equipment yourself:

Step 1 - Empty the new equipment out the box – when you receive the QuickStart kit.

Step 2 - Reuse the same box – place the old kit in the tray and the other bits (remote control, power cables) in the smaller compartments, then close the lid and secure the box shut with the red clips.

Step 3 - Label the box – a letter came with the QuickStart kit: peel the sticker off (or create a new pre-paid label and slap it over the original address label on the box.

Step 4 - Drop off the box – go to your nearest Yodel Store and keep your receipt as proof you sent the equipment to us. Sorted.