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Residential address registered as a business

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Please help! 

moved into new house 5 days ago and been told by virgin we can’t get internet/TV installed because the property is listed as a business. We’ve explained we’re the new owners and this should have no bearing on us getting the service but been told no one can do anything. 

please can someone help with this ASAP or will need to look at getting Sky. 


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Hi, hoping someone can help us on here! 

We’ve moved into a new house 5 days ago and have been trying to set up virgin broadband and TV but have been told our new house is registered as a business and this can’t be done.

As far as we know our property isn’t registered as a business - but there is a nursery across the road that has the same name as the business apparently registered at our house. 

virgin are saying there’s nothing that can be done but surely this isn’t the case as we now own the property and what happened in its past has nothing to do with us? 

can anyone please help? We’ve been trying to fix this for days and are getting nowhere. I’m at my wits end. 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Ho @tmg6375 

Thank you for reaching out to us here, welcome to the community.

Please accept our apologies for the difficulties you are having, I would like to take a look at this for you and see what I can do to help. In order to do so I will need a little bit more detail so I will send you a private message.

Thank you


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Hey tmg6375, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am sorry to see you are struggling to join us.

Can I ask if you have spoke to the sales team at all about this?

I will also send you a PM to see what options we can do for you, please look out for the purple envelope. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

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I’ve been trying to get virgin installed at my new house for weeks and it’s problem after problem. 

The latest issue is that we need permission from our next door neighbour to dig into their garden for our installation. I’m not comfortable asking this of a stranger, especially as I believe they are elderly but Virgin told me there’s no alternative so I have reluctantly knocked on their door but they do not answer it. 

The service we’ve received from virgin has been terrible- my emails have been ignored and call back requests not fulfilled. I’ve made an official complaint but got fobbed off with a generic email and when I tried to call the number provided it took me to the general call centre. I’ve been given no further information or solution from virgin and they seem uninterested in helping in any way which I’m shocked about as I’ve been a loyal customer for years. 

Is anyone able to shed any light? Surely my neighbour can’t dictate who gets virgin on this street (Im assuming they’d need to dig through his garden for every installation).

Any advice is much appreciated, thank you  

Hi tmg6375,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to see you are facing issue getting our services due to permission being needed from your Neighbour, if it will be on their land then by law we need to get ttheir permission first.



Hi Paul 

Thank you for replying- as the Wayleave team have not and I am yet to receive my callback that was meant to be on Thursday.

The virgin box is on the pavement and virgin want to run a cable through my neighbours garden into mine but they are not giving permission so surely there must be another option than going through this garden?

I find it ludicrous that anyone on my road that wants virgin cannot get it due to it having to go through this one specific garden and the neighbour refusing permission. There must be a solution to this??


Alessandro Volta

Virgin will always seek to do installations the cheapest way, and in this case that seems to be through the neighbour's garden.  If the neighbour doesn't give permission there will always be an alternative, but if that alternative will cost more than they can reasonably expect to get back from customer contracts they will refuse to install.  It can cost thousands to to dig up a length of pavement to lay new ducting and service access.

If the neighbour agrees to a wayleave through his garden, that might affect his property value because it is permanently binding and might affect any future developments. There is little you can do to persuade him. 

Thanks for your insight and reply, which is more than we’d be had from virgin.  We’d never try to persuade the neighbour as they're elderly and we respect their wishes (they’ve not actually declined their permission but just don’t answer the door) but the lack of communication and information from virgin has been very frustrating and disappointing and we were just hoping there would be another option. 
I’m hoping we’ll get somewhere this week with the Wayleave team. 

Alessandro Volta

Good luck.