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Request longer coax cable

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Good Afternoon 

I was wondering if Virgin would be able to send 

me a longer cable , because the one i have is too short

It is not a new installation, i have had this router and cable about 5 years

I now need a longer cable

Thanks in advance 



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

There will be a charge of £25. 

The primary place to report faults or for service requests is Customer Services on 0345 454 1111/150 if you have a VM landline or wait two or three days for a VM staff member to get to your post.

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Alessandro Volta

What length of coax cable do you need?

I think the maximum standard length is 3m and the normal standard length is 1.5m. In past topics the forum team has arranged for standard cables to be sent out IIRC.

If you need a longer cable or you want your cables/sockets relocating to a better position then follow the advice from Tudor for a non-fault tech visit for £25.