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Re: Replacement coaxial cable / isolator cable

@Agentmatt wrote:

Just to say, that I wasn't aware that VM use their own standard cable.  I've been using a cable I made myself from part from Screwfix & B&Q.  I'm in I.T. and the cable I made has been great.  No connection issues or loss in signal.  Been using it for years and speed tests also proven this.  

Not sure why you would need one from VM.  

There is a good reason. Frequency sharing. VM re-uses the frequency spectrum already occupied by Freeview TV Broadcasts, DAB digital radio & more recently 4/5G mobile phone services. Any ingress into their coax cables from these sources will disrupt VMs services, not only for that customer but possibly for the entire section supplied from the street cabinet they are connected to. This could lead to numerous unnecessary fault callouts & investigation work to find the source of the ingress. Hence they use specialised triple screened coaxial. The connectors also can cause issues if incorrectly fitted (micro reflections etc).

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