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Replacement Router not registering

  • I had been suffering an issue with intermittent broadband connection. 

An engineer visited today before 9am and said he would replace the router as there is no issue coming into the property. 

He replaced the router then let out a large groan that there were currently issues registering MAC addresses. He went onto to tell me that the router will register. It could be 20 mins it could be 4 hours but it would register. 

At around 12pm I called virgin media tech support and a guy apologised and said there are issues registering MAC addresses but it should be up by 2pm. 

Called at 4pm and another guy told me the issue was still ongoing and they have been given no update. 

He suggested calling back 6pm. 

Called back at 6pm. Waited on hold for over half an hour. Spoke to a guy who asked me to tell him the MAC addresses, rudely cut across me to tell me that I was giving him the wrong number (I wasn't).

He then took the MAC address and said there is a problem with the MAC address registering, he doesn't know why, he will raise this fault and it will be resolved within 3 working days (so Tuesday).

Like most people nowadays I need the connection for work. I burnt through 4.5GB data working from home. 

What can I do to get this resolved?

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