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Regarding returning equipment - Hub 3.0

Joining in

I haven't gotten any notices about returning my Hub 3.0, am I supposed to just recycle it or do I have to still wait for them to send me a returns package. I left VM this month.



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Leon_9982 

Normally I would suggest checking on

The webpage usually list which items need returning, however it doesn't at present.

The webpage should be updated shortly with the list of equipment  that currently needs returning which is - 

Virgin TV V6 Box, Virgin TV 360 Box, Virgin TV Stream Box, Hub 4, Hub 5, Powerline Wi-Fi, Powerline Ethernet, Wi-Fi Booster, Wi-Fi Pod, and Emergency Back-Up Line (EBUL)

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Alessandro Volta

You can order a free return package here :

This applies to all unwanted equipment including the Hub 3. If Virginmedia don't want to re-use it they must collect it themselves to recycle it. They should not tell customers to do this.

Distributor obligations

All distributors must:

  • offer free take back on WEEE
  • accept WEEE for free from customers supplied with like-for-like products, regardless of whether this is done in store, online or by mail order
  • retain a record of all WEEE taken back for at least four years
  • provide customers access to written information on the service provided and what they should do with their WEEE
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