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Refer a friend not applied


I joined Virgin Media before Christmas and was Referred by a friend. I received the referral email, clicked the link and proceeded to sign up. The expectation was, as advertised, that I would receive £50 off my first bill and my friend would also receive a £50 credit.

My first bill did not receive any discount, so I called customer support. Like other people here I was initially told, incorrectly, that refer a friend discount is applied to the second bill. I pointed out that the email clearly states that "Through this email you get a massive £50 off your first month's bill with a Virgin Media package". At which point they suddenly changed tack and said that I need to contact customer services via the web chat feature as only they can provide me with the email address that I will need to forward the referral email to in order to get this resolved.

What I can't believe is that the way customer service at Virgin Media works is so broken that the rep on the phone was unable to provide me with the email address there and then and that they were totally helpless to assist me in any way, insisting that I use the web chat. I'd wasted a significant amount of time on that phone call.

Never the less, I proceeded to try to use the web chat feature, however every time I go to use the website states "Sorry, the team are currently unavailable, please try again later". Despite being well within the opening hours stated and trying at various times of day. I'm starting to think that the web chat feature is not longer working.

So can anyone help me? I really would like the £50 owed to me and the £50 owed to my friend, but I am not inclined to call up the customer services team to only be told to use the non-functioning web chat again.

A quick use of the search feature suggests I'm not alone in not having refer-a-friend discounts applied, nor in the incorrect information that it will be applied to my second bill.

For reference, I've now had my second bill, and it wasn't applied to that either.

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Re: Refer a friend not applied

it is normally applied 28 days after installation has taken place.
when did the install take place?
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