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Red light on Virgin hub 3.0 - hub warm to touch

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My Virgin hub 3.0 has started showing a red base light in the last few days and the sides are warm to the touch. It initially seemed to turn to a yellow-ish colour a few weeks ago which I did notice but not think much of before becoming red recently. I had read on here that this may be to do with overheating hardware or a faulty temperature sensor 

I have tried:

- Making sure it is in an area that is well ventilated and out of direct sunlight (it was not in direct sunlight previously but I moved it into an area that is even better ventilated)

- Hard power off and on at back of hub

- Pinhole reset

- Checked my network settings on and can confirm that it was not in modem mode

I called Virgin media yesterday but the person I spoke to just thought I was calling about a network issue and arranged for the network connection to be monitored over 24 hours. I kept trying to explain to him that the reason I was calling was because of the red light and hardware being warm but he did not seem to understand that so I just gave up. Hub is probably 8 years old or so.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hello ManiaMuse, thank you for your first post on our forums and welcome to the VM community.

Nice to have you on board! 🙂

Sorry to see you've been getting a red light on your hub 3 recently and this has persisted after rebooting the hub and trying all our suggestions.

We'd love to help out, I will send a private message to you shortly so we can view this issue further.

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Fibre optic

What you have described is a text-book case of an aging or failing LED which gradually goes from white to orange/yellow to red. Now the good news is that almost certainly the hub isn’t actually overheating and won’t pose any danger.

But it does need to be swopped out, just in case it were to overheat in the future and then how would you know?