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I was supposed to be moving house today but unfortunately it all fell through at the last minute.  As arranged Virgin disconnected me today.  I called up earlier to advise the house move was now cancelled but unfortunately ended up speaking to someone in India whom after 40 minutes on the phone still didn’t understand I just wanted to cancel the home move and reconnect services. I think in the end she understood and advised that services would be reconnected but at the moment I’m still looking at a screen with error 7400 on it.


Does anyone have any idea of how long it usually takes to get services reconnected?







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Re: Reconnection

Umm yeah I wouldnt count on it happening any time soon.

Wait till tomorrow, UK office hours and phone in , thinking of leaving us, technical reasons should land you with onshore support. They should sort you out. Just remember unless you choose a 30 day rolling contract you'll wind up with a new 12 month minimum term....


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Re: Reconnection

Hi Lloyddjchris

Thanks for taking the time to get in touch with us and for joining us on the forums.

I've tried checking to see if this has been sorted but don't have your details to do so , so can you confirm if this has been resolved?

If not please pop back to me on the Pm I've sent to you.

I have sent a PM to you that you can find on the top right in the purple envelope and if you can pop back to me on this that would be great.

Hope to speak soon!



Forum Team

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