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Receiving Equipment - How long?

How lond did it takes to get your equipment? I'm waiting now for more than a week. It supposed to be new installation. There is no tracking number so I can't check if it's been dispatched. The guy came the other day, changed the socket and left. How mutch longer do I need to wait?


[MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]


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Re: How long?

Is any order showing on your account? 

Is it a new installation or an additional service?

If its an additional service then all additional services apart from home installation and faults have been suspended. 

If the cable was there but the internal box needed to be replaced then the system should automatically order your service equipment once the tech closes off the work order.

Give it 24 hours, then if no order showing ring 150 to see whats happening.  I've seen this happen a few times when the cabinet feeding your property is at capacity for the RF feed.

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