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Re: extension cable for phone to hub can i buy an rj11

Dialled in

Please assign someone else to deal with this, who is not overbearing and inflexible.

I am NOT answering your questionnaire, designed to decide if you "need" to send a technician / service person because I am NOT going to accept a visit from one.   I have already provided all relevant information in this thread, so please have the person read it, which should take no more than two minutes.

When I started this conversation, I just wanted to get this over with.  Now, I'm looking at other internet and phone service providers, because I'm sick of the attitude I've been faced with.  I've been a customer of Virgin Media for 15 years, or more, but I'm now thinking I should cut my losses and go elsewhere.

The ONLY way you get to keep me as a customer is if you send me the new hub and let me set it up myself.  I will not be answering any further questions.