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Re: Why can't I get Virgin media despite my estate having it available

Tuning in

I'm in a similar position myself, except that the flats in question have the cable right to the front door but haven't been connected due to the property manager at the time ignoring requests to hook up the internals. Since there's been a change of management and the new management are very keen to get this done, is there anything I can do to get this moving?



Granting permission for VM to cable the building is a matter for the landlord and the property manager.
Neither are going to welcome a spagetti of cables on the exterior of their property or a damage to their paths and drive ways.

There's only a property manager in this building and whilst the previous manager did not respond to request to hook up the building, the current manager is very happy for this to proceed. There's already a duct directly to the front door, so no new digging would need to be done either.