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Re: My Virgin Media account with old account number

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Hi, I'm facing completely same issue, I've moved home and still keep being with VM in new home but suddenly new account number and bill was issued and old account number looks expired. Issue is both of account numbers are registered with same e-mail address, so I can't log-in for new account number and even can't activate broadband with new number..

Could anyone help me for that?

How can we renew account number with same e-mail address?





Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @TK0928

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. Please make your own thread in the future 🙂

I'll send you a PM now to do a Move and Transfer of the online account

Best wishes,

Forum Team

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I have the same issue too.

I have to used the Virgin media website to get help but it is not help at all and go in circles.

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Hi, Situation is getting worse... My package is "Broadband and 5GB Oomph SIM" but suddenly 5GB SIM stopped working at midnight of last night, no longer connecting with internet.

I don't understand what is happening.  My mobile can't be used now.

I never requested to close my contract, I just informed my home moving to VM Website.

Then suddenly VM issues new account number with new bill and now stopped my SIM??

I just want to keep using current VM package after moving home.


I need to make my SIM back to enable. I must need it for my daily life.

Could anyone help me asap?