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QuickStart broadband not working despite previous owners router working.

Tuning in

Hi everyone

Just moved and replaced a previously owned router (hub4) that was working with a hub 5 that now doesn’t work . Called and it said that quick start equip is activated and auto hangs up. Found a way of speaking to someone who says sometimes you have to wait 24 hrs ? Is that right ? Router sets up 5.0 with flashing blue light then solid white . No mention of flashing blue light in literature in set up. Can connect to router but says no internet. Hit reset at bottom . Switched off for ten minutes .Still no internet  Has this happened to anyone else ? Am I being impatient ? Will the engineer activate tomorrow at the cabinet ? Internet turned off at midnight as was under previous house owners account so surely it needs to be switched on again ?


Alessandro Volta

Seems like VM has some activation problems today

Try the activation number again tomorrow

Tuning in

Issue did resolve that day at 11pm after a router reset so i think you are right it was an activation issue.