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Promised a spotter everyday this week

We moved into our flat nearly two weeks and tried to order a virgin package a few days before the move and have since been on the phone to virgin nearly everyday since. The previous tenants had VM and the other 3 flats in our building also have virgin.

We we're told that our flat (first floor) was listed as one address (first and second floor flat) and that a spotter would need to come and confirm that our flat was separate. Apparently they came on Monday and confirmed but didn't come into our building/flat. We were then told that our flat was unserviceable despite the fact we know the previous tenants had virgin and have a connection point in our flat. We've been promised that a spotter would call round to confirm we can be serviced within the next 24hours everyday this week and I have been working from home everyday to ensure we don't miss them. Yet nobody has called round and I've been forced to spend money on phone data to ensure I can work while I've been waiting in, when I could have instead been going into the office instead if they'd actually turned up on the first day or we had been given a set time.

We're getting really fed up and seem to just be going round and round in circles with Virgin when this seems like it should be an easy problem to solve. Has anyone been in a similar situation and how long did it take to get sorted?

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Re: Promised a spotter everyday this week

Hi there

Please let me assist you with this

I'll pop over a private message to take some details and we'll go from there



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