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Pre installs nightmare worst customer service

Joining in

On the 03.05.23 I signed up to have broadband installed in my home and was given a date for installation 30.05.23. 

30.05.23 - An engineer called Rob attended my property and he was here for a while, but couldn’t complete the install he said there’s an issue with one of the cables and would require a 2man visit. Rob emailed his supervisor and arranged for himself and another engineer Derek to attend 02.06.23 I also have a text from rob saying it’s confirmed. 

2 weeks prior to my install date I had an engineer check all external cables and he said everything was good to go.

02.06.23 - nobody showed up I spoke to Adam in pre installs team he explained there’s been a big **bleep** up their end and credited my account as compensation he explained someone will come out 03.06.23 Adam also promised me a call back on Monday.

03.06.23 - As expected again no show and no call from Adam on the Monday 

in between all theses dates I’ve spoken to numerous of people that barely understand English and how to organise things properly and even made a complaint which I have a reference number for I rebooked a new install date for 12.06.23 and they assured me it will be a 2 man visit.

12.06.23 - again no show I called around 3pm to chase and she said an engineer was defiantly coming around 6 I said how can they come around 6 if that’s when there shift ends.
Around 6ish I received a call from an engineer called Malcom and he explained that he’s not able to attend as his shift has finished and it will take 50 mins for him to travel to me I asked if he had it for 2 men and he replied no. 

Again I’ve spoken to numerous of people and it’s like banging my head against a brick wall they don’t even have the engineers report from the 30.05.23, so they will only send someone out to tell me the same thing. I’ve even drove down to my local Virgin depot, but unfortunately all the admin staff now work from home.

Customer service is shocking and frustrating I’ve taken time off work to wait for engineers that don’t show up I’m wasting my time. If it’s this hard just to get an install correct I can’t even imagine what the level of service will be when and if that ever gets sorted. I’m to the point I want to cancel it all and take business elsewhere!!



Alessandro Volta

Keep a detailed record of all VM's failures with your installation in a chronological/timeline order.

You will be entitled to compensation for the delay

VM has a habit, in the topics which crop up on here, of trying to wriggle out of paying the correct/full amount of compo. They often do this by offering a much smaller 'goodwill' payment and/or coming up with a load of irrelevant, or erroneous, excuses why they will not pay.

Unfortunately the customer often ends up having to go to arbitration to get paid the correct amount of compo

Alessandro Volta

I'm very sorry to hear that, but you are wrong with your thread title "worst customer service". There is much worse service reported on here, if you would care to browse this forum while you wait. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

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