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Pre installation. Telegraph pole

Tuning in

Hi all I’m having services installed next Thursday 17th November. It is a completely new install as vm has only just come in our area. It is not the underground way of doing it but is coming from the open reach pole. I have phoned up a couple of times to see when they are going to do the outside installation. Ready for Thursday when they come to do the internal work and connect my service. I called yesterday to be told they will do it on the day of install. Which I find worrying as if it’s not so then they will have to reschedule. I have booked time out of work and don’t want to loose pay and on top of that if it was rescheduled it is well over a month to wait. And with some of the stories I’ve read it does concern me that this will be the case. 




Alessandro Volta

You could try calling the Pre Installations number 0800 052 1734, but unfortunately there is no guarantee that the work will be done on the date you are given.

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

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Hi Chris!

I'm in the same boat as you. VM is new to the area and my installation is being done via a box at the top of an Openreach pole. You're not near Pontypridd are you? 🤔

Can't shed much light on your query, but can only share that I've been waiting since early September for my install to be completed. My ongoing saga is documented here:

I did however see my neighbour have their cable installed and they ran a new cable (separate from BT line) from the pole to the rear of the house. Can't comment on whether it was done on the same day as the in-house install. I certainly hope so as in my case, they'd require access to my garden to run the new cable to the rear of my house.

My install is scheduled for Friday, although I suspect I'm about to get bumped again. BUT.. if it does happen I'll let you know how it went.

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This is me right now too, sadly i would have to wait until the day to see if anyone would turn up as calling they would just say the same thing. Start asking for compensation, and if they don't turn up ask why, if they mention the wayleave team i can give you their email

I have done they have said they would be doing it at some point today. Surprisingly nobody has been to do it. 

oh no that’s not good. I’ve looked through your thread god I’ve got all this to come. I’m in a village just outside Wolverhampton I’m hoping they do hurry up as I’m disconnecting other isp too. 

Well, I'm hoping everything goes smoothly for you. 🤞 Might just be something weird about where I'm situated and whatever contractors VM are using locally.

Having said that, if there's any way you can keep your current broadband going until you're 100% certain the install is going ahead, that might be worth doing. 

@Tamps wrote:


Having said that, if there's any way you can keep your current broadband going until you're 100% certain the install is going ahead, that might be worth doing. 

And this is absolutely the very best piece of advice you will ever receive on here! The current record for a delayed install is 13 months, no I’m not joking. Yes it’s annoying, you could end up paying for two internet connections and cursing the advice you got here, but consider this, what is the impact on you if you cancel your current BB connection which ends and then VM mess you about for the next couple of months and you have nothing at all?

Hi @Chrisjfrench,

A warm welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post. It's great to have you on board with us here 🙂

Do let us know how the install goes next week or if there's any issues so we can offer further support if required.

All the best!

Forum Team

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I’m hoping so as the pre install date keeps changing which is annoying as I’m worried that the install on Thursday will end up being rescheduled