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Pre-installation CONSTANT delays and never turning up!

Tuning in

I ordered the gig-1 fibre broadband Wifi on the 23rd May and was due to have my engineer installation on 13th June, so an engineer turned up on the 8th June to do the pre-installation, but unfortunately they said that they needed permission to dig in the lawn that was on the neighbour's property in order to install it. And the neighbour's weren't here at the time, so the engineer told me that they would come back tomorrow or the day after and ask them again. They never showed up.

Then the next day I received an email from Virgin Media to sign a contract asking for permission to dig under the ground and it said I had to also get the neighbour's signature. I did this, then for some stupid reason, Virgin Media replied back saying that this was permission from the 'wrong house'.

I then emailed them saying that this was for sure the right house and the engineer definitely told us that it was. Then after checking the engineer's notes they finally realised that I had the correct neighbour's permission. This took 2 weeks in emails to get sorted!!

So after finally getting the permission, they arranged a new installation for 11th July! Which is almost a month after the original installation!! So after this we decided to wait until then. Then 11th July comes and suddenly they send a email saying that they have to have another delayed installation and change the date to the 26th July. This got me quite frustrated so I phoned customer services, in which they came up with a compromise originally of £50, but as there was another 15 days, due to their compensation scheme, this would mean they owe £166.60.

After complaining over the phone several times and getting compensation they said over the phone for sure that they 100% will come to do the pre-installation on the 11th July on the phone with customer services, as it said so 'in the notes'. No one ever turned up. So we waited until 26th July. Then yesterday I received another email saying that they have DELAYED IT AGAIN TO 9TH AUGUST.

After shouting at customer services on the phone over 6 times and getting nowhere, I am sick and tired of these delays and compensation and never turning up for no reason. Who do I need to talk to finally get this settled??

This would now mean that Virgin Media would owe us £283.20! This equivalent to 8 months free Wifi! (This is because of a total of 30 days delay, 5.83*30 = £174.90, and two days of not showing up 2*29.15 = £58.30, and the original £50, which is equal to 174.90+58.30+50= £283.20, and the offer stated that it would cost £30 for the first 6 months then £50 after that)

I have been using a 4G hotspot for months in order to have some Wifi access but it is costing a lot, and my family of 3 kids have to use this also. This is completely unacceptable at this point and I have no faith in Virgin Media to come at this installation date, but my last hope is to post on this forum to maybe change something. There aren't any other Wifi providers in my area as well so I really don't know what else to do. 


Alessandro Volta

Unfortunately there is nothing you can say, or do, which will change the way in which VM carries out your installation. Read this topic from earlier today which explains why

You are doing the right thing in keeping careful records to ensure you eventually get paid the correct compensation

Up to speed

Seriously; there are absolutely no other internet service providers in your area? I do find that hard to believe, even if they are much slower. That might well be better than a theoretically faster but completely non-existent VM connection!

Alessandro Volta

Did your neighbour actually agree to VM running the cable across their garden? I hope they don't live to regret it. 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Ok well thank you for the reply! It seems like this is quite a common problem then with virgin media unfortunately. 

Honestly there are a few, but all of the service provider's internet speed are slower than the hotspot I'm currently using and cost more than the hotspot, so I really don't have any other choices. 

Yeah they were perfectly fine with it, because they also use virgin media as their internet service provider, as well as my other neighbours as well! It seems like everyone is using virgin media as their internet service provider here.

Hi @Naguloli thanks for posting and welcome to our community.

Sorry to hear of the ongoing delay in your installation, the failed appointments and for any inconvenience this whole experience may be causing you.  I would like to take a look on your behalf and ensure any complaint that may be raised on your behalf is assigned to the right team. I am going to send you a private message. Please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right of your screen.



Tuning in

I was in the same boat. It had taken me about 11 months to get it installed. I finally got it a few weeks ago but I’m yet to see that compensation, I think it’s a scam.

Tuning in

Update: So it has come to August 7th and I have been told yet again that it has been delayed to August 23rd. Clearly this is never going to happen, so I am going to cancel the contract if possible and I'm considering going to courts as well to see if I can get this compensation.