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Pre install questions

Finally I’ve been given my installation date, I’ve been waiting 7 months but finally it’s time! 

Firstly I want to thank all of the Virgin team and all the members that have assisted me. 

So my question is this, the construction work has been completed, they have laid the ducting for the cable but they haven’t pulled the cable to the house or installed the box on the outside of my house. Is this down to the construction team or is it done by the engineer who installs all the equipment inside my house? I can’t help but think with the experience I have had so far on the 23rd when the installation is due to take place it will be pushed back due to the pre pull not happening, is there anyway I can find out when this is scheduled in I just want to make sure everything from this point goes with out any hiccups.

Thanks again 

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Re: Pre install questions

you should have 2 dates on the work order - the 23rd which is the internal install date and an earlier date - that could be today - that date will change on a daily basus until the cable pull team turn up and pull the cable - so a rolling date - it can be as late as the install date when the cable is pulled 


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