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Pre install and construction issues

Placed an order in June 2017 for VM Broadband as had seen notices around the block for VM available.

Had site survey done (not even an exaggeration) about 6 times from various engineers. Each time telling me the block is not pre-wired despite the other 5 in the complex already being pre wired. Somehow this block was missed.

Had other engineers come during the 6-8 week period advising they will contact construction as they can lay cables and even took pictures and assured me it was being raised to the relevant department to start laying cables here.

After about 2-3 months of nothingl, I called VM and complained and they advised me construction had said this block was missed by accident (no **bleep** sherlock, we established that near the time I placed the order) and she recommended I cancel and just go with SKY as they cant tell me if and when it will be resolved. 

Had a further call after cancellation from pre install telling me they were working on the case and would update me in a few days but no updates since.......which was 3 months ago.

Fast forward 3 years, still no VM cable installed and no one has contacted me. Ive had to suck it up with crappy BT for now and there are 3 other people in my block who want virgin services more than anything too so none of us can understand why its so hard to simply pull a new cable through??!!!

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