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Pre-Installation Engineering Failed Multiple Times

I originally signed up to Virgin Media at the start of November and have since had the pre-install team turn up at least 4 times (perhaps more that I didnt see/speak to) and be unable to complete the required set-up prior to the Installation date. I'm now on my third install date, which due to Christmas is in January, and want to find out why each time the engineers arrive they seem unable to do the work and surprised by the work needed, as they dont seem to have the tools to complete what they were booked into to do in the first place.

Pre-Install Visits:

  1. The first time they arrived the spray painted on the street in front of my house.
  2. The second they arrived and noted a duct on my property was blocked and left not having had the tools to deal with it.
  3. The third time they arrived, proclaimed there was a block (the same as noted before...) and promptly left. This is after the pre-install telephone team told me they had permits to complete the work???
  4. Today apparently someone visited, but again was unable to do any work...

I contacted the customer services department after the last visit seem unable to provide me with any information about the visit or what was done.

Is there anyone who I can speak to that will be able to help? The pre-install contact number and normal numbers never seem to be able to provide any clarity on whether the work will be done.

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