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Pre Install concerns can anyone help?

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I'm hoping someone from Virgin can help with this as I've got nowhere and been lied to and misled when trying to by phone.  

I apologise this is going to be long.  

Ordered M125 Big Bundle early last week and emailed activation date 23 March 2023 along with first estimated bill etc.

Perhaps naively I thought great I've signed up but as I've been reading it's never that easy is it?

Last Friday I answered a text via the bot in WhatsApp about how far the pavement is from my front and what's the boundary made of.  I answered but then tried to explain there IS a Virgin plate at the back but NO SIGN of one on the pavement.  This is however a full Virgin area previously NTL and prior NYNEX so has been a live area for well over 20 years.

Got nowhere as it's a bot etc.

Heres why I am concerned things will happen on the 23.

Heard nothing about external work or seen anyone pottering around outside though did spot a bright green arrow immediately to the left of my waist high front gate on Friday. I live in a sheltered bungalow so there is a two tier ramp to my door as it's for wheelchair access.  Im not chair bound but have walking difficulties.

Hearing nothing by Monday I phoned just to confirm things were going ahead and was also given an external work date of Wednesday 15.  Which came and went.  No one came stayed in to catch technician to explain the plate is at the back of my bungalow which they won't know if I'm not around and would save a lot of time.  

Phoned after 5 pm to find out.  Explained it was soon dark and less than 2 hours til 7 pm the time was told on the phone they work to.  I said it's highly unlikely they would in the dark.  Was then told after lots of pauses etc etc I would get an email this this morning but tbh it was garbled and could not make out why.

Guess what?  No email.  So tried again.  This time told technician scheduled to come at midday.  Naively I went away thinking they would.  No one showed up of course so had to go out after giving them an hour to turn up.

In the last half hour I've phoned to try and find out.  Firstly, I was told NO technician was allocated to come out yet was earlier on the last call.  So I pressed or tried to get a direct answer that 23 was going to happen.  Long pauses and waiting on the phone.  Was then told it's a third party putting the repull in not Virgin but paradoxically told repeatedly 'it can still happen within the day and our technicians work from 7 am to 9 pm' not 7 as I was told yesterday.  Either way its now dark and let's be honest no one is coming to work this in the dark health and safety etc.

By now it was like speaking to a machine having a breakdown or error as each time I asked whether next Thursday would happen same thing repeated.

So now it's a third party doing the repull not Virgin.  Hmmm.

Im very worried now nothing is being done before next Thursday.  I can read here the stories of dates pushed back etc.  I also explained if the outside work isn't done then they simply won't do the set up inside.  But apparently that would still go ahead even if the other does not.  After a 30 minute call I put it down as it was painful trying to get a straight answer.

So if anyone from Virgin can help?  Ive a few life threatening illnesses and have tried to sort this out but tbh it's making me Ill with anxiety and worry when it shouldn't be.  

I signed for it because I need to cut costs down and it's cheaper than what I have now.  I really on an active phoneline for an alarm system should I fall etc and also rely heavily on broadband for everyday things.  I will be left with none.

I have not quit my current provider yet as was hoping things would be ready on the 23 as quoted but if not it etc.




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The only advice I would give at this point is - DO NOT cancel your current provider until VM is installed, tested and working.

I would also question the provision of the phoneline, as VM are moving to digital phone delivery via the Hub.  This may not be compatible with your existing alarms etc. if they need an old fashioned "GPO copper landline" You may need to get your alarm supplier involved as well?

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