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Powerline adapters pretty much useless /w Virgin.

Not going to bore you with all the details but the long story short of the whole thing is that I first got advised that Virgin is "available" in my area close to 2-years ago. Since that point in time, I've had a CISAS claimed filed, resolved and paid out. I've had close to 5-6 construction crews out to the premises and so on, so suffice it to say it's been a very long time in the making.

I FINALLY got everything installed yesterday and to be honest, the installation was amazing, it went really well, the engineer did his best and to his credit, he did an excellent job. The install was clean and I cannot fault him at-all.

In the front room where the router is, on 5Ghz bands, I get anywhere from 510 - 550mbps down and 40up which are the speeds that I've signed up for so that's fantastic.

But I've been a user of Powerline adapters for quite some time, going on 4-5 years now and I've never had an issue with my Devolo 1200MBPS adapter. Unfortunately, the max speed that I'm getting on the adapter at the moment is 105-130mbps down which isn't much of an increase over BT which was 80/20 on my pline adapters. 

I've tried Wifi options both 2.4 and 5Ghz bandwidths and the speeds (quite obviously) vary. I can get around about the same on 5Ghz which is great. If I nip to the bathroom next to me, I can get 300-350mbps which is a bit annoying as the bathroom is literally 3 steps away, so I guess that has better wifi hotspots but it is what it is.

I'm a bit lost on what to do because I've cancelled my contract with Sky/BT, I'm solely on Virgin now but the issue is that I'm not getting the desired speeds in my bedroom because of the technology that I'm using currently. I have been advised by friends to get a different Powerline adapter, one that has better transfer rates, i.e.

I've also been advised to look into getting a Mesh Wifi router/network solution, i.e. 

My house isn't that big in all honesty, we have the ground floor and the first floor, I do currently live in a 4-bedroom house but I didn't think I would be affected this badly.

Anything else I can do?


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Re: Powerline adapters pretty much useless /w Virgin.

Ditch the PLA's.  If you are good at DIY, cable up to the roofspace and use PoE Access Points in the ceiling.  Something like Unifi AC Lite or AC Pro's.

If not, go for a good Mesh system, something like Deco M4 or M5's.  Wifi is easily disrupted by interference and walls etc.  That's why VM do not guarantee wifi speeds, only wired speeds to the Hub.

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Re: Powerline adapters pretty much useless /w Virgin.

The likelihood is you have reached the maximum speed the units can work at with the circuit you are using. You can test this by plugging the two units in next to each other in a dual mains outlet & then testing the speed. If you get the maximum there then the units are giving you the maximum speed for the electrical circuit they are being used on. I have 500Mbps powerlines in operation & get 450 when they are next to each other. But plug one in upstairs & one down (different ring mains & protected by separate RCCDs) & I only get 50 maximum.

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