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I recently signed up to Virgin Media Broadband and for those of you that may remember, I posted a question on the forum asking if one of the team could check if my property was already enabled or if I needed some ducting running in. 

Since signing up and while awaiting my installation date, I have been lurking on the forum, and it is fair to say I have read a large amount of content based on negative experiences, particularly with installation. 

I felt after my installation expirence that it was only right to "break the mould" and report how good my installation was. 

From the onsite the forum team were helpful, advising my property should already have ducting in place from when it was built, sending me plotted map drawings of the duct work etc. 

Shortly after signing up, a team turned up to locate the ducting and pull the cable. Unfortunately my duct work was blocked and they marked up where the blockage was (at the end of the drive).

Just three days later, a civils team turned up and fixed the blockage. You'd struggle to tell they had dug the pavement up! They even swept up and washed down the pavement when they were finished! 

Fast forward to today and a VM Tech turned up and installed the equipment. The Tech was super friendly and set up my router where I wanted it. The installation  is super tidy and again he even swept up outside when he was finished! 

I am super pleased by the quality of work carried out by Virign Media, from start to finish the teams were friendly, proffesional and really took pride in their work. 

The VM Tech also gave me some top tips on how to improve my WiFi signal too. 

All in all, I'm a very happy customer. I know from reading on here that many people have had a hard time with installations and I don't want to rub salt in their wounds but it felt right to post some positive feedback showing my expirence. 




Encouraging to hear. VM complaints have been falling recently whilst BT's have been rising. Let's see if this can be sustained. 

Fibre optic

I think with forums, very few people come here to praise anything. People tend to use forums to complain.

I am glad you are pleased

Virgin BB 55MB, Hub 3, Tenda Router, Stream Box - United Artists/Telewest/VM Since 1990

I have had a very good experience with the tech teams but I ensured I planned everything including laying the cable where I wanted it. No drilling needed!