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Poor service

Tuning in

Hi, I have my Virgin Media fibreoptic cable exposed on my driveway. I complained about it to VM in the last week of July when I renewed my contract for 18 months. An engineer’s visit was confirmed on 9 August between 1300-1700. When he arrives around 1200, he said it was not his work since it involved digging and burying of the cable. He spoke with his manager and arranged a visit on 23 August. I received no confirmation so I called VM and was assured of the visit. I received intimation and a SMS on 22 confirming the visit. But no one termed up on 23 to carry out the work. When I called VM on 24th, the customer support advisor had no record of the visit. He then said he ‘could’ arrange a visit on 7th September if I agree as if to oblige me. He said sometimes they need permission from the council to carry out the work and may be it was not obtained. I told him work is on my private drive way, I drive on the cable everyday and if it is damaged, I will lose all my services. Also this ‘permission business’ was neither communicated earlier nor anything said in the email or SMS sent to me. He could not explain why the work had not been carried out. I hope workmen and not engineer turn up before my cable is damaged by rain or otherwise and I lose the service. THIS IS SHAMBLES at VM. VERY BAD SERVICE!!!


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

It might be quicker to bury it yourself?  A photo would also help the VM Mod's here to assess the problem.

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Thanks for reply. I am attaching the photos. However, 1. interestingly, VM has not requested any. 2. I am not physically fit to do the job myself. 3. Even I were, if the cable was damaged (immediately or in future), I would be held responsible by VM for the work and may even be charged for re-laying the cable. 4. Issue is about poor service. On the phone, advisor started lecturing me about consequences of damaged cable and break in service. 5. If I were to lose service due to damage, the compensation I would be due is negligible compared to the loss of TV service, internet and soon landline. 6. it is shameful and regrettable that VM is providing such a poor customer service that it takes nearly 20-30 min to answer the phone and now over a month to protect its own cable despite me warning. 7. even after posting this comment, neither VM has responded on the forum nor contacted me. I am still uncertain if and when the work will take place. image1.jpegimage0.jpeg

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Abhay_2023 wrote:

Thanks for reply. I am attaching the photos. However, 1. interestingly, VM has not requested any. . 7. even after posting this comment, neither VM has responded on the forum nor contacted me. I am still uncertain if and when the work will take place. 

You've posted in the Natter forum - the natter and chatter forums are mainly for posts not related to VM and as such forum staff seldom visit these forums.

Is anything relating to the visit scheduled for 7th September which was proposed according to your original post showing in My Virgin Media?

You can check this by logging into Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Orders & Appointments in the Quick Links section.

After checking, please advise whether or not an appointment is scheduled. If there isn't one showing then I will flag this for Forum Staff to pick up.

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Tuning in
  • I am expecting a VM team to come and cover the cable exposed on my driveway and over which I drive thereby damaging it with potential of me losing all of the VM services. After two previous Appt were cancelled (one by the engineer who turned up on 9 August and said it was not his job and other because no one turned up on 23 August entire day - no apology nor explanation till date) I was offered a new Appt. I called VM today Morning around 08:10 am to confirm Date and time. I was told the visit would be on 7th Sept between 1-6 PM and I could check the status on the app. However on logging into my acct, there is no record of any scheduled Appt. VM customer call centre has no supervisors to talk to and no one knows why no one turned up on previous Appt on 23August. Disgusting service with no accountability with overseas customer care advisors apparently working with no supervisors that we can talk to. Not easy to complain either except on this forum. POOR AND BAD VM. If anyone reads this from the company hope they have the courtesy to call or email to explain. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED to say the least 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi there Abhay_2023,

Thanks for your post and welcome back to the community.

I'd like to firstly extend our apologies for this matter and the missed appointments.

So we can get this investigate I've dropped you a PM.

The message will appear within the envelope icon.



Hi Abhay_2023, 

Thanks for taking the time to post to post on our Community and I'm sorry to hear you feel this way. 🙁

I can see that you've already post on another thread and my colleague Kain is helping you via private message so I'll leave you in his capable hands. 

If you have any further concerns, please reply to Kain directly so we can keep all information in the one place. 

Many thanks, 

Forum Team

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Tuning in

I have been complaining to VM since late August that the cable on my driveway is exposed and needs covering/burying under the driveway so that I do not damage the cable which will result in me not receiving the VM services. I had one engineer visit on 9th August who turned up and said it was not his job and that he had spoken with his line manager and that the job would be done on 23 August (BLUFF 1). Since no one turned up on 23 August, I called the customer service.

BLUFF 2: The call handler tried to bluff me saying that the job was not done because they needed council permission for digging and may be that was possibly not obtained. When I challenged as to why they would need council permission for working on my property and why it had not been explained to be earlier, he agreed to arrange another appointment.

When I said I wanted to speak to the supervisor / manager there was BLUFF 3. I was told that there was no supervisor or manager available but he was not his own manager either!

BLUFF 4: I had SMS from virgin media on 6th September stating 'Hi, it's Virgin Media. We're planning to do some external work on Thu 7 Sep at (my address), but we don't need you to be there.' I was informed work would be carried out between 1300 - 1800 hrs. No one turned up.

BLUFF 5: I am now informed that work would be done on 21 September. Until then I keep on driving the cable and if the services are lost, GOK (God Only Knows) when these will be restored! Every appointment is 2 weeks apart - there is no way of prioritising the work nor any explanation or apology for why the work was not carried out. Once you sign the contract, VM is not interested in its customers.

Bluff 6: I am unable to activate 'out of office/vacation notice'. Other than asking to change the password to see 'if it works', VM has no other solution nor anyone to help you through the problem. The message board has 6 pages dedicated to the issue but no solution. It does not think the issue is with its software. 

May God save the customers !!!


When you start a new topic each time you post on the same issue, you might actually be reducing your chances of useful help as your comments, and response to those, are split across multiple topics.

In all likelihood, your request for a repair is stuck in the twilight world which exists somewhere between VM and its sub-contractors.

The photos in your other topic look like external grade coaxial cable which is very tough. It does not appear to be sticking up too far above the blocks to get damaged as yet. If you are worried about it, while you wait for VM to get its act together, you could cover it over with a thin board, rubber mat or similar which might offer it some temporary protection

Hi @Abhay_2023,

I'm very sorry to hear of your situation. I can see in an earlier post that one of my colleagues has mentioned reaching out to you via private message to investigate and assist you further with this.

Please respond to their last message there if you haven't already and need some further assistance with this.


Zach - Forum Team
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