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Poor quality installation


Hi all.I had an installation this week ( Monday 28th) and I feel the work outside is a botch job. Cables coming out and over the cover and 3 metres trunking just laying in my garden... I contacted the online help and did not even receive an acknowledgment.... any possible solutions?

have I signed up for cowboy services?


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Re: Poor quality installation

The quality of the installation is very poor but not untypical of the examples which pop up on the forums. Unfortunately, the outcome, quite often, seems to depend on the abilities of the individual person who comes to do the work and the time they have been allocated to do the job.

It looks as if the dual 'shotgun' cable has actually been split in two along its length when it comes out of the cover plate and only one part is in the green flexible duct. The second part looks as if it goes off towards the top of pic. 1 unprotected. Does that cable go anywhere or is it just cut short and left in the bushes?

If they can bury the cable easily, they do that but it is typically no more than just a few inches below the surface. If burying is not an option then the cable is laid in the green conduit on the surface. I assume they used the green conduit because of the flower bed, where future digging might take place.

As you are a new customer, VM should be able to arrange for a revisit to install it properly for you. It also helps if you can give the technician an idea of what your requirements and expectations are, otherwise they typically just take the option that is easiest and quickest for them.

Wait for one of the VM forum team to respond. They can take up to a week to reply but normally respond in a few days.

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Re: Poor quality installation

One thing that all new broadband users should do is check the installation BEFORE the technician leaves. This should include that the service are working and installed to your satisfaction. Don’t be fobbed off. It is much more difficult the to it rectified at a later date.

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Re: Poor quality installation

Hi there @West222


Welcome to our Community and thanks so much for your first post to our wall - I was sorry to hear about your installation issues that that you were not happy with the work that has gone ahead. 


Usually cables are buried in their trucking by a few inches (usually between 3-5in) unless otherwise advises by the customer - sometimes they are having work done shortly and agree to bury them themselves or if they are having some paving added for example. Our install technicians usually go through this with you and discuss any specific requirements you have before the install goes ahead and if you wish the cables to follow a certain path. If nothing is advised, they will use the quickest and shortest available. 


We also should be asking customers to check and agree they are happy with the work before signing the paper work - this then enables the technicians to make any changes there and then if needed. 


I can only apologise if neither of these things were done with you at the time of your installation. 


I have located your account for you and have booked a technician to come and attend to rebury the cabling correctly for you. You'll be able to check  the time and date of the visit via your online account  . If you have any issues locating the visit booking, please do not hesitate to get back in touch. 


Hope all goes well - please do keep us posted. 




Katie - Forum Team

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