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Hi, I’m reaching out here in case anyone has any advice or can escalate my issues to someone who can. 
Im a new, first time VM customer and had our install last week but it’s been nothing but issues since. 
The first issue was the engineer drilling a cable hole on the wrong place (went into an extension roof rather than directly outside). This was despite us carefully explaining where it would need to go and the extension being visible from the window he drilled underneath. The initial holes were the just left as is. 
Once he eventually got the hole in the right place the problems continued. A few minutes after starting the cabling round the exterior of the house he did he’d run out of clips for the cabling but would “make do” with what he had. The end result is that in many areas the cables not fastened down at all, sometimes just run across the floor. In others the cables are very loose and clearly requires more pins. The cable routing itself is also terrible. It overhangs the front door loosely (and we’ve already caught things in/out of the house). One of the few places that does have pins is also a wooden garage frame which we explicitly asked him not to use multiple times as it’s due to be replaced. 
We also noticed that the hole he drilled damaged the brickwork but no attempt was made to repair it. He also mentioned that he’s supposed to fill the hole with silicone but hasn’t as he “thinks it will be fine”. An ex-builder friend of ours said it definitely should be covered or sealed to avoid water getting in the house and potentially causing damage. 
On top of all these issues he never checked the phone line and we’ve found this isn’t working properly and we are unable to receive calls. 
i called support to get help with all these issues and was told I’d have to wait serval weeks to get the engineer back out to “tidy up the cabling”. I asked for the issue to be escalated and was told to expect a call back within 5 hours but received nothing. I phoned again to clarify again that they need to call me on my mobile (since the landline can’t receive calls) - they said the ticket would be updated (it hasn’t been) and it could take up to 28 days to get a response since it’s recorded as a complaint. 
Does anyone have any suggestions? At the moment I feel my only option is to cancel the service since I’m still in the 14 day window. 






Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Waspeh.

Thanks for reaching out to us. Apologies on the issues relating to your recent installation of our services. We would like to bring you into a private message so that we can get this resolved for you as quickly as possible, please look out for the envelope on the top right of your screen or if you are using a mobile device it will be located under your profile icon.