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Please help no landline and no internet since August 2020!

Hi Virgin Media Community, 

I am urgently looking for help and advice on my current situation. 

Since 28th of August we lost all services provided to us by virgin media, after several visits from virgin media engineers, it was concluded that the wiring in the pavement has been damaged from potentially an overgrown tree. 

They have marked the area in the pavement where construction work needs to happen since mid-September. 

Been calling the customer service team with regards to what has going on with my current situation weekly, they don't have any contact with the construction team and couldn't forward me on to them due to the construction team office closure due to coronavirus. 

I found an email to the construction team on google and emailed them on the 10th of November stating my situation and if there is any update. A woman from the virgin media construction team had seen my email and contacted me as I left my number on the email. She had informed me that the authorisation had been missed by management and she would raise it with them immediately; she informed me that the whole process could take up to another 6 to 8 weeks. I was told I would be informed of any updates on the situation. 

Being patient, I waited till the 3rd of December to ask for an update on my situation. A guy from the virgin media construction team came back to inform me "I have chase up your account with our contractors and they have advised that a permit is now set for the 18/12/20 for completion". Firstly, I thought it was weird that they never notified me that the permit was given and what day the completion was going to take place till I chased it up but I was glad that things were progress and happy, that we may have the internet back for Christmas especially since we are in lockdown. Having that ability to video call family and friends, during times like this would have been amazing without worrying about how data have I got left, etc. 

On the 18th, no one arrived, so I immediately emailed the virgin media construction team. They responded by saying: 

"After reviewing the information noted by our contractors, our contractors have found additional works, so they have to get budget clearance before they can continue works.

The budget should be approved in the next few days and sent back to our contractors to raise a new permit with the local authority.

Once a new date is scheduled we will contact you with new permit information." 

I am thinking what's going on why didn't you notify me, why am I always chasing for you to notify me surely this should be your job, not mine. So I chased after a few days to see if this budget had been approved, where I received a response saying extra time will be needed to approve or decline the extra works, stating this isn't the news you wanted to hear but we can not push this further. This was on the 29th of December. 

They said they would keep me in the loop once a decision has been made, they don't really inform me at all until I chase. I have asked them plenty of times to give me a callback, as some things are better discussed via phone than email. But they don't call back like they don't have phones and just email, even though they called me when I raised the initial request.

Wondering if anyone else has been in this situation, I have been with virgin media for a long time and don't want to change my broadband provider. However, it is getting to the stage that it is effecting my work and the people within my household job. Kids school as we in lockdown again. This may result in me wanting to leave and join another provider.

Any help or advice would be beneficial, 

Many thanks,

Maulik Patel

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